Monday, 14 January 2013

Nigeria Bank Loans

Nigeria Bank Loans
Nigeria Bank Loans
During my deep study about the loans in different countries across the World, I found One Interested thing at Nigeria. We normally See the Nigeria Business Loans, Nigeria Commercial Mortgage, Nigeria Student Loans, Nigeria Home Mortgage Loans, Nigeria Care Loans, Nigeria Constructions Loans, Nigeria Car Loans etc., But in Nigeria We Found another Loan which really surprised me during my study about loans. You wonder If I told about this Loan. This Loans is Rent Loan. Yes, Exactly you read it correctly the Rent Loans at Nigeria. Few Banks offering the Rent Loans at Nigeria.

What is Rent Loans @ Nigeria :
Rent Loans is a Loan to pay the Rent of Home or Business Location. This is loan will be provided to the Self Employed People and Low income people at Nigeria. But this Requires the Business Account in their Bank, who want this Loan from them from that particular Bank.

International Student Loan is Popular Loan in Nigeria :
Nigeria Banks will mostly offer and giving the Student Loans to those who are going to study abroad in USA and UK. Nigeria was Ranked No. 18 during previous year Student Loans across the World. Nigerian Banks were helping to study abroad.

List of Nigeria Banks :
ACB International Bank PLC.
Access Bank Nig. Ltd
Afribank Nigeria Ltd.
African Express Bank Nigeria, PLC.
African International Bank Ltd.
Allstates Trust Bank Ltd.
Assurance Bank of Nigeria, PLC.
Bank of the North Ltd.
Bond Bank Limited
Broad Bank of Nig. Ltd.
Capital Bank International Limited
Centre Point Bank, PLC.
Chartered Bank Ltd.
Citi Bank
Citizens International Bank Ltd.
City Express Bank PLC.
Commercial Bank (Credit Lyonnais) Ltd.
Commercial Bank of Africa Ltd.
Co-operative Bank Plc.
Co-operative Dev. Bank of Nigeria Ltd.
Diamond Bank Ltd.
Ecobank Nig. Plc.
Eko International Bank of Nig. Plc
Equitorial Trust Bank Ltd.
Equity Bank of Nig. Ltd.
First Bank of Nigeria Plc.
FSB International Plc
Gateway Bank Nig. Ltd.
Guaranty Trust Bank Ltd.
Gulf Bank Nig. Plc.
Habib Nigeria Bank Ltd.
Hallmark Bank Nig. Ltd.
Inland Bank of Nig. Ltd.
Intercity Bank Ltd.
International Trust Bank Ltd
Lion Bank of Nig. Ltd.
Magnum Trust Bank
Manufacturers Bank Ltd.
National Bank of Nig. Ltd.
New Nigeria Bank Plc.
Nigeria Intercontinental Merchant Bank Ltd.
Nigeria Universal Bank Ltd.
Nigerian Intercontinental Bank Ltd.
Oceanic Bank International Ltd.
Orient Bank of Nig. Ltd.
Owena Bank Nig. Ltd.
Premier Comm. Bank Plc.
Savannah Bank of Nig. Plc.
Societe Generale Bank (Nig.) Ltd.
Standard Chartered Bank Limited
Standard Trust Bank Ltd.
Trade Bank Plc.
Trans International Bank Plc
Tropical Commercial Bank Plc.
Union Bank of Nig. Plc.
United Bank for Africa Plc.
Universal Trust Bank Nig. Ltd.
Wema Bank Plc.
Zenith International Bank Ltd.